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God's Plan for Your life is Secure

Pst John Ameobi - Do ALL to the Glory of God

Excellence in the Marketplace

Pastor Peter Adegbie -Pentecost Sunday

Redemption - Pst Theo Adegbie

Contend for Excellence Pst Peter Adegbie

Pastor Peter Adegbie - Beyond Pentecost

Thanksgiving-Divine Adegbie

Newcastle Outreach

Process involved in Vision

Vision for restoration

Receive the Word

Power of His Resurrection

Confirming Our Vision and Calling

Vision For Unlocking Your Destiny

Joshua Focus

Keep Going Till You Get There

House Not Divided - Dr Ian Longfield

Pursuit of Vision Part 1

Pursuit of Vision Part 2

Bishop Wesley Arije

House Not Divided - Bishop Wesley Arije

Restoration Dry Miracles Bishop Wesley Part 1

Restoration Dry Miracles Bishop Wesley Part 2

Understanding Spiritual Warfare

Developing In Personal Wisdom

How To Walk In Holiness

Drawing Near To God

Have Faith In your Righteousness

God’s Financial Principles

The Secret Of Jesus Victorious Faith

The Fundamentals Of Faith

The Name And The Nature Of Christ

Covenant Of Success

God’s Financial Principles

Secrets Of Success

The Riches Of His Glory

Victory Of Vision

The Power Of Increase

Vision for Victory

Increasing in the Fruits of Righteousness

Opening The Windows Of Heaven

Foundations For Family Life

Habits For Building Sound Wisdom

Habits For Building Sound Wisdom

Finding Intimacy with God

The Glory of His Increase

Drama by Soul vision (YWAP)

Covenant success series 1

Failure Proof Drama

Contending for God’s Presence

Altar of Worship 2014

Worship-The key to accessing God’s Glory

Discovering your Destiny of Success

Chapel of Light Children's Party

Music 4 Mission @ Chapel of Light